Dow – Isolants

Les isolants de marque STYROFOAM peuvent réduire considérablement la consommation de combustibles de chauffage et d’électricité, et, par conséquent, réduisent les coûts de chauffage et de climatisation. Pas surprenant que les produits Dow, fort de notre expérience de plus de 60 ans, viennent en tête de liste chez les constructeurs et rénovateurs Canadiens.

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Dow – Isolants

Features & Benefits

INSULATING VALUE: The insulating R-Value of STYROFOAM ™ CLADMATE ™ is R-5 per inch of thickness. A higher R-Value sheathing lowers energy costs and reduces the opportunity for condensation and moisture problems within the wall.
HIGH VAPOUR PERMEANCE: STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ is rated as a TYPE 2 Rigid Insulation product which means that it is above the vapour barrier requirement in the building code. This allows the wall to dry more easily than lower permeance products. Products with Foil or Poly facers have very low permeance and do reduce the drying speed of the wall.
AIR BARRIER: STYROFOAM ™ CLADMATE™ Insulation meets NBCC (National Building Code Canada) requirements for air permeance properties, making it a suitable air barrier material that effectively blocks wind-driven rain and air infiltration.
MOISTURE RESISTANT: The amount of water that an insulating product absorbs affects how the product performs. If moisture takes over the compartments of air, the product’s R-value is reduced. STYROFOAM ™ has been tested to retain 97% of its R-value when submerged in water so it is resistant to moisture damage and retains its R value long term.
STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ provides a smooth, level surface for new siding; is durable and easy to install; and can be easily placed over old siding eliminating the added expense of removing existing siding. Our unique Ship-Lap (SL) edge treatment provides for an airtight and energy efficient seal between the boards once installed.


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