Royal® Mouldings

Royal® 100% cellular PVC mouldings do way more than decorate. They insulate, protect and turn front porches into a center of neighborhood activity. They ramp up the curb appeal of any window, eave or doorway. They save homeowners’ weekends from painting and maintenance. Plus they save contractors time and labor because they come ready to install.

Product Options

Royal® Mouldings

Features & Benefits

Crown, bed mould and cove components
Beaded planking components for ceilings and walls
Add curb appeal to any home
Crown and bed moulds add depth and create visual interest
Beaded planking adds drama to the ceiling
Shingle/Panel mouldings are used around exterior window frames
Moulding accessories include quarter round, base cap and base shoe components
Square, corner and lattice components can be used to cover seams, as part of frames and in railings and trellis work

Royal Mouldings Features
Lifetime never rot material
Moisture and termite proof material
Does not promote mold or mildew
Superior nailing and gluing
Saves time and labor
High energy efficiency

Warranty Process

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If you want submit a claim please visit or contact the claims department by phone 1-800-387-2799 and request a claims package.


Royal® Mouldings Features

  1. Lifetime never rot material
  2. Moisture and termite proof material
  3. Does not promote mold or mildew
  4. Superior nailing and gluing
  5. Saves time and labor
  6. High energy efficiency


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