Boncor is Born

Boncor Building Products Co. was formed as a distributor of Royal vinyl siding in 1989. Bon stood for co-founder Gary Bonhomme, Co for other co-founder Pat Cogan and R for Royal. The goal was to provide Canadian builders with the home exterior products and customer service of a company 100 times its size and weight.

Growing with a purpose

Every growth spurt and expansion served to help more building customers in more locations and more ways. Early on we specialized in vinyl siding with just 300 SKUs, three employees and a handful of loyal customers. Within our first year we soothed our growing pains by expanding westward into St. Catharines, Ontario and eastward into Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In 1993, Boncor continued its eastward expansion to serve customers in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. We did more than expand locations; we grew our product lines by adding windows, doors and aluminum materials. In 1997 Boncor purchased Reynolds Aluminum, which dramatically increased our inventory and number of distribution centers.

Through the years, Boncor continued its strategic and dramatic growth to run more efficiently while perfecting customer service, culminating in 13 locations from Alberta to Newfoundland.

Résidentiel roots

To grow our distribution line in 1993, Royal Group acquired Résidentiel—a fusion of the vinyl-distribution power of Résidentiel and the aluminum-distribution and fabrication capacity of Aluminum Carrier-Bisson. We kept the name Résidentiel because it sounds great in both French and English.

Smart growth in 1997

To be better able to answer the eternal question “So what else do you have in aluminum?” Résidentiel purchased a company called Nu-Co Aluminum Products Inc. and acquired a plant producing aluminum profiles in Mississauga, Ontario.

A few years and three locations later: Our vinyl product distribution line expanded to windows, doors and aluminum siding through the purchase of the re-opened Aluminum Carrier-Bisson and their inventory and equipment. By 2002, we had doubled in size—with 12 locations throughout Canada.

Boncor + Résidentiel = Royal Building Solutions

Boncor officially merged with Résidentiel, enabling us to offer more distribution resources than ever. Through 17 locations and more than 160 amazing employees, we distribute roof-to-basement home exterior products, selling more than 16,000 SKUs.

Growth through customer service. Growth because of customer service. It’s taken the laser-beam focus of all the hardworking people at Boncor and Résidentiel to get to where we are today: Royal Building Solutions.