Portsmouth™ Shake and Shingles by Royal

STUNNING, DISTINGUISHED AND DRAMATICALLY BEAUTIFUL. AND MODEST. Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles siding makes homeowners sigh, “gotta have it”—if they could sigh while saying that. It combines jaw-droppingly beautiful form and function, plus real colour, texture and shape options. Your customers will end up with siding that eliminates maintenance and stops traffic and a home exterior with depth and emotion. Yup, we used “exterior,” “depth” and “emotion” in the same sentence.

Product Options

Portsmouth™ Shake and Shingles by Royal

Features & Benefits


  • Strong aesthetics designed to match any regional look or preference
  • Complete line of profiles Double 7 Shingle, Single 7 Shingle, Hand Split Shake, T4.5 Perfection Shingle, Staggered Edge Shingle, Half Round Shingle plus new Single 7 PVC Shingle under a new V-Pro Series sub-brand
  • Innovative, proprietary designs 8’ Single Course 7 Shingle, Single Course Half Round, 5’ Single Course Single 7 PVC Cedar Shingle exclusive to Royal, modeled from high-end cedar planks 

Improved performance

  • Ease of installation designed to install faster and easier, particularly when transitioning with other siding
  • Low maintenance never requires repainting or re-staining
  • Lower installed cost .compared to alternative polypro and fiber cement o Smart Design built into V-Pro Cedar Shingle virtually impossible to install incorrectly
  • Class A fire rating PVC Cedar Shingle only
  • Continuous 90 degree lock PVC Cedar Shingle only
  • Lifetime warranty

Warranty Process

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If you want submit a claim please visit RoyalBuildingProducts.com or contact the claims department by phone 1-800-387-2799 and request a claims package.