Just as with siding and trim, window and door product options make customers happy. And happiness can translate into more profitability for you. Ostaco windows and doors are all about options—with a customer grin–inducing selection of styles, sizes, configurations, finishes and glass treatments.

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Product Options



  • Vinyl window systems - durability, longevity & low maintenance
  • Welded frame & sash corners - strength & protection from air & water infiltration
  • 3 ¼" frames  - insert retrofit applications or full frame replacement applications
  • Multiple frame cavities for strength & thermal performance
  • Wall thicknesses up to 90 thou
  • Dual & Triple pane  - High R value, energy savings & comfort
  • Warm edge spacer - improved thermal performance
  • Multiple weather-strips & gaskets - minimal air infiltration
  • Heavy duty casement lock & operator - security, weather performance & strength
  • Casements have a repairable weather seal
  • All CSA certified