Grace Vycor Self-adhered Flashing

“Hey water, you’re not welcome here.” It’s a loose translation, but that’s what Grace Vycor® Plus Self-Adhered Flashing Membranes pretty much say to water when it attempts to infiltrate a wall system.

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Grace Vycor Self-adhered Flashing

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Features & Benefits

  • Polyethylene sheet with pressure –sensitive rubberized asphalt adhesive
  • Ripcord split release; easy to work with and fast to install
  • Superior adhesion
  • Seals around fasteners
  • Forms water tight laps
  • Measurement markings clearly marked every six inches

Available Profiles

  • 4” x 75’
  • 6” x 75’
  • 9” x 75’
  • 12” x 75’
  • 18” x 75’

Warranty Process

*Information coming soon from supplier