Homeowners are looking for direction, information, inspiration—anything to help them make their homes stand out. You can be an important source of knowledge and expand your business at the same time.

Home Design

We’ll help you create exteriors that make your customers happy and make you money.

You know what sells products and gains customers? Chemistry. When the right exterior design meets the right architectural style, it’s a beautiful thing. It starts with us matching you with tools and products that your customers can actually use.

More knowledge equals faster purchases.

Why leave your customers to figure out their home style on their own? We can help you guide them to a quicker purchase decision with easy-to-understand and easy-to-explain products and solutions.

Eliminate buyer’s remorse. Use us to help you:

  • Identify the right exterior product for your customer’s home style 
  • Build a look that brings out the best in your customer’s home 
  • Create exteriors that drive curb appeal and repeat business 

Colour Guidance

Our suppliers provide us with an outstanding variety of colours for homeowners to choose from. Explore those colours and learn how to help customers select the ones that suit both their homes and their tastes so they have the colour “why” to go with the colour “what.”

Colour 101

Rich reds. Bold blues. Weathered whites. Colour is as much a part of design as profiles and textures. We provide you with a wide variety of colour palettes to offer your clients. We also offer helpful tips to help pros and homeowners choose the right colour siding for the job. Start designing with the Royal Design Tools.

Colour Combinations

Siding colours look great on their own, but they look even better when paired with accent colours that bring out a home’s best features. Learn how to pair different colours and help guide homeowners to create the look they want with our colour brochure. Every design tip and bit of understanding you bring the homeowner makes you more valuable to them.

Are your customers ready to start exploring colours in all their combinations? Steer them to one of our best suppliers' colour combination tool. They’ll discover endless ways to be creative, and you’ll be there to give them the confidence they need to make the right colour choices.